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Welcome Tigers!

It is with great excitement that I will serve the CMIT Elementary School community in the capacity of Professional School Counselor once again for our 2016-2017 year together! I am eager to partner with you, brainstorm and engage with you, in all areas of support of your children’s education. With focuses on Academic, Career and Social/Emotional development, we will work together as a team to support your tigers to be successful during their time at CMIT, and beyond our school hallways.

The Elementary age is a critical time in learning and developing self-concepts and understanding capabilities. From tying one’s shoes to knowing how to research and write a formal essay, our scholars are ever changing, growing and maturing during their time in elementary school. And, with the world in the state that it is today, our country, and our neighborhoods, our youth are exposed to a lot, and not always age appropriate content and/or experiences.

This year, we are going to delve deeply into the meaning of our school motto and work through focused Character Education to understand what it looks like, sounds like and feels like, when we “R.O.A.R” and are truly living and behaving as a CMIT Tiger.

Respect Others… Opt to be Scholarly… Act ResponsiblyReact with Kindness

I will be working with our students on their capacity for understanding Social Emotional Language (SEL) and how we communicate effectively with others, and within ourselves.

I will provide Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Classroom Guidance, and also Parent Workshops this year. I will host many opportunities to volunteer, as we have seen the greatest, strongest, most successful way to communicate the importance of school and education to our children is to show up. Research shows that students whose parents are involved in their education have better grades and fewer discipline problems, Wow!

Whether you have minutes or hours, your ideas, your talents and your presence is critically important, and I will work with you to ensure you are able to share your unique skills and character with our community.

Please check back here often, as I will update this page with ideas, articles, projects, opportunities, and more,  that I come across and find relevant to the work we are all doing.

Here is to our 2016-2017 year together!


Miss Whitney Ritchie

Professional School Counselor


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