Working to become our very own Superhero…

Good Afternoon Tigers Den!

This year, we have a school-wide theme focusing on our own superpowers; practicing them, growing them and applying them! We will be exploring superpowers through all areas of academics, and the personal and social arena.

Counselors Challenge:

Around the dinner table tonight, or pillow talk before bed, or perhaps in the car ride tomorrow morning on your way to school, dialogue with your scholars and other family members about:

(1) which superpower they desire to have, and how s/he would use it for good

(2) challenge them to share a talent they already possess, that with rehearsal and growth, is on its way to being their very own superpower!

We will be engaging in similar conversations in the classrooms during the next few weeks.  This will get your Tiger thinking and reflecting ahead of time!

soaring into character bulletin board

change your mindset

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