Good Afternoon Tigers’ Den!

When I came across the article below, I couldn’t help but smile.  So often to I find myself in a similar situation, asking our scholars what I think is a seemingly open ended question, only to receive a short and closed answer.

How was your morning? ….Fine.

Did you have a nice weekend?… Yes.

Every day for the morning announcements, I end with challenging our scholars to grow their brains that day, and ask an awesome question.

Well, I think we could all work to do that a bit more… me included!

One of my favorite questions that I ask my family after a school day is:  How did you contribute positively today to someone you interacted with? (The answers range from helping someone carry something, to following behavior expectations and setting an example, to asking for clarity in class, supporting anyone else who was unclear or unsure…)

We are also big proponents of “Rose and Thorn” talks in the car. What was the rose of your day? (the positive) and What was the thorn? (the challenge, or struggle with which you were faced).  This dialogue forces us to see and recognize that in each day there is a challenge of varying degrees that we face, but we are not able to focus on those alone, as despite the thorns, there is also rose.

Lets get asking and keep on talking!

30 Questions to Ask Your Kid Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

Homework OH Homework…

I believe many of us, familiar with Silverstein, can finish that sentence 🙂

It is a challenge I hear about often, and one I fully empathize with, as the homework process was exactly that for me when I was growing up: a process.

The articles a I share on here are posted because I find wonderful advice and suggestions in them, regardless of their original audience.  For example, one of the following articles addresses children with ADHD, however, I find the ideas useful for all of our scholars!

So please, read on, and hopefully you too will be able to pull some ideas from the articles below and implement them in your life and the life of our scholars, to promote success!


Happy Reading!


Your School Counselor

Outrageous Homework Advice for Kids with ADHD

Top 10 Homework Tips

Help Your Child Get Organized


Stop The Meltdowns!

Greeting Tigers Den!

Did you know that October is ALSO ADHD Awareness Month?

Below is one of my absolute favorite sites. Not only do they offer great, easy to read articles, but I find the information is beneficial in my practice with all students, regardless of a diagnosis, family dynamic, or living situation.

I recognize that the way demands are in today’s society, we are not always afforded the luxury of family dinner around the table, though one thing I promote is conversation. Maybe it isn’t at a sit down meal, but perhaps it is before falling asleep, or on a drive to school in the AM.

Every morning once we finish committing to our motto and saying our Pledge of Allegiance, I challenge our scholars to “Be Kind to One Another, and Ask Awesome, Expanding Questions”… Well, my challenge is the same for you all!  Ask. Ask. Ask. Be mindful of how you ask, and be prepared for all you will learn and how close you will become.


Your School Counselor

p.s. We are still welcoming and inviting volunteers to teach a character lesson during our Anti-bullying week next week, and our Healthy Lifestyles week the following! Check out my last post, and send me a personal email (writchie@cmitelementaryschool.org) We will get it all coordinated 🙂

Stop Meltdowns! Ask “What?” Not “Why?”


We want YOU!


Happy Friday Tiger’s Den!

This month, we have SO MANY topics/themes/national weeks of recognition…

Here is what we have going on:

October 17-21 Focus: Anti-Bullying (tolerance, welcoming of differences, being a good friend, empathy)

October 24-28 Focus: Healthy Lifestyles (diet and exercise, emotional health and mental health)

NOW! Of course this is not the only time we will be working on these ever-important and invaluable topics, just that these weeks, this month, are dedicated to it.

What does this mean for you? An Invitation!

I would love to invite you to come in and do a Character Lesson with our scholars during those weeks in promotion of these topics.

We have Character Education every morning for 30 minutes, though I am sure I could convince our teachers to extend it longer on a day we had an incredible volunteer guest teacher (that’s you!)

Lessons can be: reading stories and having a discussion, arts and crafts, whole class projects, skits, games, etc. The sky is the limit!

Lets Get Together and Get Creative! I would love to hear from you ASAP if you are interested to come in and partner with us, and work with our scholars on Character Education.

How do I make this a reality?!?!

  • Send me and Email : writchie@cmitelementary.org
  • Share:
    • Morning/Date you would like to come in and teach
    • Topic you would like to address
    • Idea of project currently (if you don’t have one, I can help! I have tons!)
    • Class you would like to come in and work with (more than 1? multiple days? GREAT!)

I am so excited to see what we can make happen!

Have a Fabulous Friday, Tiger Families!CMITiger