Homework OH Homework…

I believe many of us, familiar with Silverstein, can finish that sentence 🙂

It is a challenge I hear about often, and one I fully empathize with, as the homework process was exactly that for me when I was growing up: a process.

The articles a I share on here are posted because I find wonderful advice and suggestions in them, regardless of their original audience.  For example, one of the following articles addresses children with ADHD, however, I find the ideas useful for all of our scholars!

So please, read on, and hopefully you too will be able to pull some ideas from the articles below and implement them in your life and the life of our scholars, to promote success!


Happy Reading!


Your School Counselor

Outrageous Homework Advice for Kids with ADHD

Top 10 Homework Tips

Help Your Child Get Organized


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