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Good Afternoon Tigers Den!

It is with joy in my heart and excitement in my soul that I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays!  As you leave school today, and enjoy the next 2 weeks with family, and friends, and if you are like me: friends who have become family… I want to send you into 2017 with a wish for you and hopefully a motivation.

In November we spent our efforts with our scholars in harboring “an attitude of gratitude”. December we have worked on our #KindnessChallenge.  Our scholars have been identifying those in our school community going above and beyond to spread kindness in our community, and ‘shouting them out!’ on the announcements and on the bulletin board for all to see!

With our thoughts and feelings focused on giving and graciousness, my wish for you all is that we hold onto those notions this holiday season.  It can be a very challenging thing to do when it seems so much of this time has been overwhelmed with and lost to “wants” and “greed” over “needs” and “providing for others”.  I found the article below exactly what I was in need of to feel as though my thoughts were not my own, but rather, concerns that others were having as well.

Please receive my wish for you for a Happy, Healthy and Compassionate holiday break, followed by a re-commitment to living the example of positive character for our Tiger Cubs.  Lets ensure they are SEEING it, not just HEARING it.

I hope that you enjoy this article as much as I did!

How to Shield Your Child from Greed and Entitlement During the Holidays

Happy Holidays!

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