“It’s Growth, don’t Fix it!”


Hello Tigers Den!

Earlier this week I had the luxury of speaking with several 5th grade parents and guardians around invaluably important topics! Our discussion applies to any and every age, grade, developmental stage, experience, etc. of our tigers…

And so, I wanted to share it here, with everyone!

While so much of our energies seem to be pulled to focus primarily on our student(s) academic achievement to demonstrate development, and eventually mastery… that does not, can not, and will not ever be something that takes place in isolation.

In order for our scholars to truly ROAR, in our hallways and far beyond their time here at CMIT-ES, our focus and energies must be on the whole person, spending just as much effort developing and growing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as every other area.

Our Tigers are demonstrating in their actions, their words and their efforts every day, a FIXED Mindset… In order for them to reach the potential we work so hard to unlock and support them to achieve, we need to teach them, show them, enable them, to have a GROWTH Mindset. Growth Mindset Image

We are seeing a new culture come up in our next generation.  One of technology in intervention. The innovation is wonderful to observe, though that shift has promoted major neglect in areas of critical importance that our children are missing…socialization.

We see in the school building every day a lack of personal understanding/self-awareness and empathy.  Students are struggling to work successfully in a classroom with other individuals and personalities. There is a rigidity in their scope that leads to arguments, hurt feelings, unkind actions and words. Without flexibility and understanding, we are not progressing.

Here is a BRIEF presentation on Social Emotional Learning, as well as what we can do to support this type of learning.


Having a conversation, is not texting. Hanging out, is not through Google. Playing together, is not neighborhoods away through a headpiece and a gaming system. Time together is not watching the same thing at the same time.

I urge each and every one of you to engage in a rich conversation about Social Emotional Learning, and how we can support this type of development. At home. In School. In opportunity. By Example.

It can start here! Leave a note to start a conversation, or send an email (writchie@cmitelementary.org) This is just the beginning of much more form me around this topic… stay tuned!


The Little Engine That Could


I have always found it an exciting thing that our school year has its own start and finish, different than that of our calendar year.

To me, it is as though we are afforded a “reset” midway through, just when our energies are wavering, our focus somewhat distracted, and our passion often challenged.

When the new year comes in January, we get to pause, reassess, refocus and recommit ourselves to a year already in progress!

As we give our energies to that re-commitment, we want to check-in with ourselves in a very honest way…

“I have good news and I have bad news…” When given the option, I don’t know about you, but I always ask for the good news first, It helps to empower me to tackle whatever may come after it.

Similarly, when we look to set our goals and focus for our second half of the year, we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with the long “yet to do” list that is daunting and sometimes seems impossible to check off… Instead, start with an encouraging compliment to yourself, give yourself the revving of the engine that you need to move forward, up and over the next hurdle: start with identifying all that you CAN DO, right now, already.

Next, list the wonderful skills and talents you are working on, in your I ALMOST CAN column.

Finally, come up with a tangible goal for the second half of the year.  Make it a S.M.A.R.T goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). Make it something you can commit to, and be glad that you did.  Make it for YOU.  Write this in your I WANT TO column.

Only when we see what have already accomplished, will be be energized enough to tackle that of which we are unsure we are even capable… (and Ill give you a secret: you are capable!)

I can, I almost can, I want to…. I DID!


Let us continue ROAR’ing in 2017, Tigers!

We Got This!