“I understand…”


Karma? A Greater Power? Coincidence?

Whatever it may be, whatever you may believe, there is no denying that when certain things happen in life, at the exact time that you needed them to (whether or not you were aware of that need), there is a moment of “Whoa”.

I had a “Moment of Whoa” or “M.O.W.” this morning.  As I eagerly got up, even before my alarm rang at 5:05am (yes, I am one of THOSE alarm setting people…) With the excitement of celebrating our 100th Day of school with my scholars, as well as getting to attend our 1st of 3 Black History Month Celebratory Assemblies, put on by our talented and wonderful students… I was very aware of my thoughts and reflections as I prepped for the day.

Instead of my typical robotic movements of making my coffee and walking the dog, this morning, I was very pensive and sensitive to that feeling this morning. I kept coming back to the efforts I make daily to effect change in our students; in their experience and their understanding.

It was not lost on me that we would be spending our time together today talking about and exploring our history, while I looked in the faces of our future. With the names of countless incredible people we would be representing today, I wanted to ground myself and focus on what I wanted the names of the students in front of me to take on with them after our time together.


That has been my own moral compass for as long as I can remember, and the root and grounded philosophy on which I build my Counseling Career. There are beautiful interpretations of purpose and unique motivations in which we pursue our purpose definition throughout our lives… for me? I believe if we teach, learn, demonstrate, and practice empathy, the rest falls perfectly into place.

With these feelings very present this morning, my “M.O.W.” happened when I logged into my Facebook account (I never said they had to be grand/glamorous ‘M.O.W.’) as I waited for my coffee to finish brewing, and was informed in a memory from 5 years ago today, that I had posted this video…

How different I am, in so many ways, from the 5 year ago version of myself…and how wonderful it is to remember.  The thoughts and importance of sharing with those around me the practice of Empathy, was as urgent to me 5 years ago as it is this morning.

Understanding not only ourselves, but embracing the fact that everyone has a self to be understood, proves to celebrate our individuality and promote what we have to offer, while connecting us invaluably and indefinitely. It elevates us as beings.

My wish today is that we all spend more time not asking “why?” someone did or said that, or “what?” they were thinking, rather, “how?” can I help, “how?” can I do more, “how?” would I want to be treated….and do it.