Tiger’s Den! This sounds awesome, and it is FREE! It is a webinar, so you can attend in you Pajamas! (you know, if that is your thing…)

Executive Function Webinar Flyer


Also free, is my “Coffee Collaborations” series starting Thursday March 16 at 8:30am.  RSVP in the comments here, or via email:

We are going to get into misbehaviors, their purpose, and our best practices in addressing them! (Read the previous post for more information!) The bigger the group, the greater the conversation, so please come! (coffee, treats and information on me!)

Coffee Collaborations!


Good Morning Tiger’s Den!

After some fabulous brainstorming, poll taking, and good ole parking lot conversations, I am excited to host a 4-part series of ‘Coffee Collaborations’!

I invite you to join me and other CMIT parents as we explore “The 4 Goals of Misbehavior”

I will present one of the 4 goals per morning session.  We will, together, uncover and discuss where such behaviors start, how they display, how we respond… how we could better respond, and contribute any experiences we have had with our Tiger’s displaying such behaviors. We will then collaborate together on best practices in support of their growth and development!

I am so excited for these sessions! The partnerships that come from such conversations are some of my most favorite things.

Here’s the Schedule!


March 16, 8:30am

March 23, 8:30am

March 30, 8:30am

April 6, 8:30am

Please COMMENT below with your “RSVP” for our first session, or send me an email ( with your intention to participate, so as I can be sure I am prepared with enough space and coffee and treats to accommodate!

Come! Listen! Share! Lets Learn and Grow together to promote the best next generation we can! 🙂