Stop The Meltdowns!

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Did you know that October is ALSO ADHD Awareness Month?

Below is one of my absolute favorite sites. Not only do they offer great, easy to read articles, but I find the information is beneficial in my practice with all students, regardless of a diagnosis, family dynamic, or living situation.

I recognize that the way demands are in today’s society, we are not always afforded the luxury of family dinner around the table, though one thing I promote is conversation. Maybe it isn’t at a sit down meal, but perhaps it is before falling asleep, or on a drive to school in the AM.

Every morning once we finish committing to our motto and saying our Pledge of Allegiance, I challenge our scholars to “Be Kind to One Another, and Ask Awesome, Expanding Questions”… Well, my challenge is the same for you all!  Ask. Ask. Ask. Be mindful of how you ask, and be prepared for all you will learn and how close you will become.


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p.s. We are still welcoming and inviting volunteers to teach a character lesson during our Anti-bullying week next week, and our Healthy Lifestyles week the following! Check out my last post, and send me a personal email ( We will get it all coordinated 🙂

Stop Meltdowns! Ask “What?” Not “Why?”


Tips! Tips! Tips!

Good Morning Tigers Den!

In my time working with children, whether in meeting with parents, teacher conferences, professional developments, etc.  I find, oftentimes, we work very hard to determine or try and uncover some major challenge or deficit, when in actuality a shift in structure and approach might be all that is necessary!

Trust me when I say, I have had the ‘palm-to-forehead’ moment too! You know what I am talking about…when you have exhausted all of your energy tackling something only to then realize the solution was far more simple than you ever imagined.

Here is a fabulous, simple, inclusive, list of 10 strategies that I have witnessed, first hand, promote school success and overall child-parent-teacher healthy bond(s) & satisfaction!

I hope you find it as useful as I do!!!

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